Alecia Nel-Monteiro


Alecia has been performing professionally for more than 28 years. Touring with various artists locally such as late Mandoza, Arthur, Kurt Darren, Bongani NX, Nadine, Alter Irving, Cindy Alter and many more in her younger days. Working along with various Media and Radio personalities.

Choreographing for various Artists, School Shows, Music Videos, Theatre productions, Flash mobs and sporting events… Helping with music editing, costume design and stage design…

Teaching Dance and Fitness styles such as:

Ballet, Hip-Hop, Contemporary/Lyrical,

DANCE-ED, Zumba Kids, Piloxing Specialities, Stretch and Tone, Bodyweight/Body Conditioning Classes, Zumba Regular and Zumba Specialities. She recently received her Elite Star Accreditation and Completing her Diploma in Group Fitness, Aerobics and Step…

Alecia decided to form her own dance and fitness studio called Dance4Fun! which she started teaching young kids, teens and adults in 2000. To give Everybody an equal chance and opportunity to be able to be good enough to perform, have fun and show off, building up self-confidence…

Alecia is passionate about teaching young kids, teens and adults, bringing the best out in each student as she shares her knowledge, passion and experience. Being a Teacher, Mentor and Friend…

The dancing and fitness studio is also involved in many charity events, fundraisers, openings of businesses, school fun days, sport days, team building events and Festivals of all sorts and anything else Entertainment. (In Covid regulations since 2020)

Alecia’s students range from as young as 2 and a half to 65+ years old. Students have competed in the World Lyrical Dance Championship in UK and currently have 7 students on the world ranking table.

Alecia’s Mission as the Dance4fun! Teacher/Instructor and Coach is to be committed to set good examples teaching the students determination, responsibilities, building self-confidence and having good morals.

Alecia’s Vision for all the Dance4fun! students are to enable everybody to make use of dancing and fitness to reach their dreams and goals, whether it’s making it their career or using it in any other aspect of their lives. Being professional, have integrity and developing in every way they can, knowing were they come from and where they want to go and never stop dreaming…

Alecia has been part of the Arnold Classic Africa for 4years. Last year she has been the co-ordinator, MC and Host for the Arnold Classic Africa THE VIRTUAL EVENT 2020 along with …

Having fun with various fitness instructors with the same mind set and passion.

Alecia is currently Brand Ambassador for

Avec Amour Francé and for XFE ACADEMY.

She enjoys learning and promoting good values of amazing brands.


Favourite Quote:

“Dance with your heart and your feet will follow… Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to DANCE IN THE RAIN and making your fall part of the sequence” – Unknown

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