Why us

  1. WE FOCUS ON QUALITY EDUCATION – Highest possible, up to date, industry standard 
  2. We have international partners backing our institution – this ensures worldwide accreditation
  3. Only IFBB affiliated academy in South Africa
  4. We have exclusivity to certain courses
  5. Extra income opportunities for students
  6. Direct fitness industry exposure
  7. Small classes
  8. Passionate lecturers
  9. Dedicated student liaison officer
  10. Our students will gain practical experience by being involved in different aspects of our company and events – they will also receive a reference letter for their CVs at the end of their course
  11. Guest lecturers and Industry Professionals visiting our academy at least twice every semester
  12. Extra informative lectures to students over and above what is in the normal syllabus
  13. Opportunity for students to network in different aspects of our company
  14. Exposure at our events for all successful graduates
  15. Our company has an excellent reputation in the fitness and entertainment industries and any references from us will be highly credible