Body20 EMS Courses

Join our next internationally accredited Body 20 EMS Course and become a qualified EMS Trainer

Course Content:

  • Introduction to EMS
  • History of EMS
  • Anatomy & Electrophysiology
  • Benefits of EMS on the Body
  • Stimulation Parameters
  • Contraindications
  • Beginners Training
  • Strapping, Levelling up progression.
  • Spotting & Acting
  • Increasing the difficulty of Exercise Routines
  • Program Design
  • Training for back pain
  • Bodyshaping exercises
  • Cardio Training theory
  • Routines for Cardio
  • Relaxation Techniques

Course Details:

This course includes a basic nutrition OR level 1 anatomy online course which you will receive CPD credits for. The body 20 is an internationally accredited course.

Course Price: R3500pp

Venue: Body20 Global Support Centre, Bryanston 

Next Course Dates:

  • 31 November and 1st Desember 2019