Welcome to XFE Academy

The best accredited Fitness, Events and Entertainment Academy in Africa

  • Fitness Industry Courses

    Fitness Industry Courses

    Top Fitness Industry qualifications. We host of 4 of the biggest fitness and bodybuilding shows as well as several other fitness events our students will get involved in
  • Events Industry Courses

    Events Industry Courses

    We offer our students direct industry exposure, internship opportunities and the best event industry education world-wide
  • Sport Coaching and Officiating Courses

    Sport Coaching and Officiating Courses

    Become a coach or referee in the sport you love, work locally or internationally
  • Nutrition Courses

    Nutrition Courses

    Our nutrition courses ensure that our students are qualified to advise on everything from basic nutrition plans to advanced sports supplementation and competition preparation
  • Entertainment Industry Courses

    Entertainment Industry Courses

    Direct Industry Exposure and much more!